Namibia. There’s no quarantine. The distance from us violates by about 100 times the travel recommendation of our Leaders. I went anyway, then returned alive and am finishing quarantine as I write this. The variety of flora and fauna is endless, the geology beautiful. The people are well informed, helpful, and congenial. It was educational and informative. A great place.

I drove by rental car extensively through the country. Masks were everywhere but when Namibians found out I didn’t care about them, they didn’t either.

Hand washing: The Gold Standard for the prevention of viral transmission prevailed everywhere we went. In every public bathroom, even at the lowliest gas stations, there was ample soap, clean water and towels. Compare that to the average highway jaunt along the length of California. With only 310 covid deaths recorded might that third world country be on to something that we, obsessed by the public symbolism of a mask, are not?

Data show that airliner cabins may be some of the cleanest places on earth. Air travel must be very safe though it was the only place where I saw a guy up in first class blow his nose into his tubular mask and put it back on his face. That was the only bad incident on the trip.

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