Here is a fact: Imperial Beach Mayor Serge Dedina called a special emergency Council meeting to spend over $250K from the City of Imperial Beach General Fund paying Global Monarch Consulting firm for “Pay to Play” politics in Mexico. IB Councilmember Mark West called for the motion and Councilmember Ed Spriggs seconded. The “Emergency” meeting took four minutes to vote unanimously with all IB Councilmembers in favor. The meeting was called at 6:08 p.m. and adjourned at 6:12 p.m. (Item 2.1 recorded in the minutes for Feb. 27, 2019 City of Imperial Beach)

No Public Notice. No Public input. No Citizen Feedback!

This is the number one reason Mayor Dedina is facing recall and the incumbent City Councilmember Mark West have lost trust and confidence with their Imperial Beach Constituents. These opportunistic puppets are out of touch with local Imperial Beach residents and are beholden to their Union providers for their campaign contributions. First with $150K to Serge Dedina and over $90K to the opponent running against Will Nimmo in District 4. As former Imperial Beach Congressman Brian Bilbray, Sr. recently quoted at the Oct. 11, 2020 Meet and Greet for Imperial Beach Candidates: “Those of you that are not from Imperial Beach, let me tell you what’s happening here. We are having an organized takeover by outside money, coming in and buying our Council seats before nominations are even open. You’ve got to understand that since, since Mayor Dedina got $150,000 from New York Union money; and won by only 54% against Jim Janney, and let me tell you, Jim Janney was not beat in election, he was mugged, and we all sat by and watched that happen because we couldn’t believe it happened. But every City Councilman that is elected since Dedina’s been elected has been chosen before the election, even before nominations were closed by outside groups that have pumped in hundreds of thousands of dollars into a poor community of only twenty six thousand people. And now, today Will is running against a candidate that now he says; “I used to visit my Uncle in Imperial Beach”.”

Bring Balance Back to the Imperial Beach City Council. Vote for Will Nimmo in District 4- Facebook address is Will Nimmo 4 IB City Council and Jack Fisher in District 2 website address is Clean out Imperial Beach City Hall.

Let us make it clear: Imperial Beach is not for sale to Mexico politicians, WildCoast, Surfrider, Construction unions, outside interests, developers, San Diego Bike Coalition and SANDAG to name a few. Fiscal conservative policies are paramount for maintaining a healthy fiscal reserve in our General Fund. Servant leadership is a requirement to hold an elected position in Imperial Beach. The people of Imperial Beach do not serve politicians. Imperial Beach deserves leadership by example. Say No to self-serving opportunists who care more for their next political step in their ladder of political maneuvering and posturing than the community they were elected to serve. Vote for integrity, character-and the American way - IB style.

Vote for Will Nimmo and Jack Fisher; both lifetime locals here in Imperial Beach. Endorsed and supported by:

Imperial Beach Homeowner, City of Imperial Beach Design and Review Board Chair (2014-2018), U.S. Marine Corps Veteran (1stLT), Committee member for the Pacific Southwest Association of Realtors-Government Affairs, Committee member for the IB Sun and Sea Festival, Director-Imperial Beach Chamber of Commerce, Founding Charter member for the Imperial Beach Athletic Club (IBAC), past memberships in the Imperial Beach Optimist Club and the Fleet Reserve of Imperial Beach CA. The best is Before Us IB.

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