I have lived in Imperial Beach just about all of my life. My husband and I have lived in the Boca Rio Condos over 40 years. As of late November, the Mexican Airlines and other Mexican airplanes have started flying right over the Boca Rio Condos. They are approaching from the West and heading East landing at the Mexican Rodriguez Airport.

They have never done this before and when they did fly that pattern it was South of the Tijuana River, never over the United States air space.

My question is, “Do you know why they are now flying in our air space?”

And why are they flying throughout the night, some days they start at 1, 2, 3 or 4 in morning flying throughout the day and late into the night. There seems to be no curfew at all, why are they allowed to fly throughout the night disrupting peoples sleep. And in our air space?

I would like to know why this is suddenly allowed to happen! 

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