If the Post Office can’t handle mail-in voting, then let’s move on. Businesses, even banks, don’t seem to have a problem identifying persons electronically, so why don’t we vote electronically?

Government by executive order. It’s beginning to remind me of the 1930s Germany.

Government interaction on mental health, health care management (costs + we increased demand, but not the supply of doctors = degraded care), fiscal mismanagement (wasteful management even in boom times, deficit spending, got a problem - throw money at it), monster debt which will force more taxes, wage disparages growing, focus on short-term prosperity (an inflated stock market), police brutality, incarceration mis-management, over reliance on litigation and prosecution delays, to name a few.

The nation is frustrated and showing it. However proper fixes need to be based on sound solutions, not emotions, else the condition may worsen, not better.

Take care, America.

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