The Imperial Beach 4th of July 2021 IB Bike Parade is “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness…” of the locals, by the locals and for the locals.

This is Imperial Beach: The most patriotic beach town in California. Imperial Beach is known also as classic, Southern California with a retro beach town vibe that is second to none. The most southwesterly city in the continental U.S., Imperial Beach is also known for their local annual bike parade on July 4th. Rain or shine, locals have continued to make this event successful by organizing the event according to Abraham Lincoln’s famous quote on governance; “Of the people, by the people and for the people…shall not perish from the earth.”

Special thanks to all the locals in Imperial Beach who’ve made this event possible and will ensure that the IB Bike Parade will continue to go on forever. You know who you are. “If you know; you know.”

If you have any photos of this year’s IB Bike Parade 2021, please go online at and submit your email address for photo credits. There were a lot of participants this year with estimates as high as 500-750 participants.

“The Best is Before Us IB.”

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