I went for a walk at midnight because I couldn’t sleep. I noticed my “Mark West for City Council” campaign sign was gone. As I walked down 3rd Street I noticed all of them that I see every day were gone as well. The entire street cleaned of his signs. I also noticed his opponents signs were magically still there as they had been before. For supporters of this high school stuff saying that it is just some kids, think twice. Because that is how many times this has happened in the last month. Twice now every Mark West sign has been taken from yards. I am not sure, but I believe that this is a crime besides being a political dirty trick. Karma has way of making things right. My support for Mark is stronger as I think about someone that would do this trying to influence voting. The people I talk to are disappointed in this but also questioning a campaign that would do this. For those of you who say, “ you can’t control what some people do.” You may be right. But you can come out publicly and condemn this behavior.

You may have taken my sign twice, but you can’t silence my vote. If I am given a third sign I will happily put it in my yard and support Mark West for City Council.

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