On Memorial Day many years ago, it was my honor and privilege to tune in to radio station KFI AM-640 Los Angeles for a special broadcast hosted by Capt. Dale Dye, United States Marine Corps, retired. Capt. Dye is a decorated combat veteran of the Vietnam War, and distinguished Hollywood actor, director, and producer. You’ve probably seen Capt. Dye’s films, and you’d probably recognize his chiseled visage, silver hair, and distinctive voice, but I digress.

On his Memorial Day broadcast, Capt. Dye told the story of a friend of his who served in Vietnam as a combat medic. If you’ll please allow me to paraphrase, I’ll try to be brief.

Capt. Dye’s friend was in the field, in-country, in a combat situation, tending to a mortally wounded comrade-in-arms, desperately doing everything in his power to save the life of the stricken soldier, but there came a point when the medic knew his ministrations were not going to be enough.

Through long, hard experience, the medic had learned to recognize a certain look in a man’s eyes as life ebbs away, and he saw that look in the eyes of the soldier. At that moment, the dying man pulled the medic close, and with his last breath, uttered two final words.

He said, “Remember me.”

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