In Imperial Beach there is an ā€œLā€ in vote. It stands for letters to the editor. Every two years in Imperial Beach we face an election in the fall. This year is no different.

The IB Eagle & Times will strive to cover what is important, locally, to all of us. Our editorial section will focus on the all-important local candidates as they have an opportunity to answer questions posed to them, weekly during the run up to the November election.

Also, beginning with the issue of Sept. 24, we will continue a tradition that started in 1988: political letters to the editor during an election will cost 10 cents per word in the IB Eagle & Times. This modest fee reflects the position that many of these letters are advertising a particular candidate or issue and charging allows us to print all of these letters. This way, everyone has their say. Paid letters will be logged in and will be published in the order submitted.

In deciding whether the letter you are writing is a paid political announcement or not, remember if you write that candidate A is the person for the job ... it is a paid letter. The same goes for a ballot measure. When you write about, in support of, or in opposition to, a measure facing public vote, it is paid.

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