Thank you for your support during this challenging time in our community. It is important to share with you how the City of Imperial Beach is preparing for and responding to the COVID-19 situation. We are here to serve the residents of the community through the duration of these unique circumstances.

To the extent possible, City staff has been assigned to work remotely from their homes. This results in fewer employees performing daily tasks and the remaining employees focused on essential functions. There will be some inconveniences for residents and we ask for your understanding and patience. Please know that this situation is very fluid, and we will constantly monitor feedback and requests and adjust when necessary and if possible.

Public Safety

The Sheriff’s Department, Fire Department and Lifeguards remain on duty and will provide the highest level of community protection. Non-essential staff have been assigned to work remote so there may be some delays in less essential functions. Lifeguard staffing will be kept at a minimum needed to ensure beach and marine safety.

Essential Public Safety functions include: community policing and response; emergency medical response; beach and marine safety.

Public Works

There will be reduced staffing levels in Public Works that will impact some non=essential functions. Due to reduced staffing and the request to discourage public gatherings, the parks, including the pier, will be closed until further notice. We do not have the resources to properly maintain and sanitize park equipment, restrooms or clean up the feces in the dog park. At the same time, most of you have been asked to remain home, we are trying to minimize our staffing and their contact with the public as well. There will be continued repairs and maintenance throughout the City as needed.

A primary focus of Public Works will be graffiti removal. However, with reduced staffing, we need residents to be diligent in reporting instance of graffiti by calling 619-210-1644. It is important for those who choose to desecrate our community to know that we will fight back. As a note, EDCO will continue to collect garbage on their regular schedule.

Essential Public Works functions include: graffiti removal and community cleanliness; necessary repairs and maintenance; completion of roadway construction.


Working with the elected officials, keeping the public informed and communication about community needs will be the focus of the City Administration. All non-essential personnel are working remotely. The City Manager and Assistant City Manager remain at City Hall to address community needs.

Essential administration functions include: working closely with the elected officials; public information; addressing community needs.

Again, the City of Imperial Beach thanks you for your support and patience. We will emerge from this situation stronger than ever.

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