For five weeks, since mid January, I have been debating the topic of ballot harvesting, and election laws, with Tom Keeton.

In Mr. Keeton’s original letter, he stated that his organization, the C4CC .. had received reports of “ballot harvesting in IB by outside groups .. coupled with a store gift card in exchange for your ballot” scheme. Shocked, I called our San Diego County Registrar of Voters and our California Secretary of State to ask,” What is ballot harvesting? And how could this happen? I was told that there are stern laws in place against bribery, fraud, intimidation. There are specific checks and balances to address voter fraud.

Mr. Keeton pointed out that loopholes in election codes allow for anyone to pick up anyone’s ballot and drop it off in any P.O. box any time. Mr. Keeton has not told us why anyone would come to IB and collect people’s ballots. If they wanted to ‘fix’ the election .. what would they do? Would they toss the ballots in the garbage? How would they know whose ballot to toss? Could they guess how any Imperial Beach person may vote? It doesn’t seem likely that anyone would rip open a ballot to see how someone voted, or worse, scribble in another party. This is indeed a mystery.

Mr. Keeton suggests, by pointing out a loop hole in election codes, that such ballot tampering is not just possible, but likely.

On my last call to our California Secretary of States office on Friday, Feb. 12, 2021, I asked if codes are actually laws.

The answer was yes! Election codes are laws. We as American citizens can challenge laws, but we must obey them. It is not up to us to interpret laws. We cannot tell the Highway Patrol that we thought the speed limit was only for school zones, for example. Our California election laws may not be perfect, but anyone breaking them is guilty of election fraud. Harvesting ballots for dishonest reasons is tampering and fraud. And just like someone speeding down 1-5 or 805, they might get away with it, but that doesn’t mean no one is watching.

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