I endorse Imperial Beach City Council Member Mark West for his second term as a Council Member for the City of Imperial Beach. Mark West is serving an important role during an important time for our City. His energy and judgment are needed to continue achieving the progress our city needs.

Mark West and I became acquainted first when he reported aboard the USS Freedom (LCS 1) as the Operations Officer in 2008. I was serving as the Executive Officer and he made an immediate positive impact in the success of our ship and Crew. After assuming command of USS Freedom in 2009, I had the privilege of deploying USS Freedom for the first time with Mark West and the rest of our outstanding Crew. The successes we achieved were in great part from the leadership and efforts of Mark West as our Operations Officer.

Mark demonstrated the same energy, enthusiasm, and interpersonal skills as a Naval Officer that he demonstrates on the Imperial Beach City Council. Mark is inclusive, thoughtful, and interested in collaboration with his community rather than pushing a specific agenda. Mark West inherently understands the needs of our small Navy town as he served 20+ years as a Naval Officer and is an active and engaged citizen of the City of Imperial Beach.

Mark West is fully engaged with the small businesses in our community and works to gain the support they need to endure in a very tough year. In addition, Mark has a keen understanding of environmental issues that directly affect the City of Imperial Beach. He has both the energy and the knowledge to represent our interests in the near and long term.

During my active duty service with Mark, I worked alongside him during very long and difficult days and weeks. In every instance, Mark was up to the task, performed exceptionally, and built teams that could achieve great things. He continues this behavior as a City Council Member.

Mark listens. This is an uncommon trait amongst many political and community leaders. I encourage you to recognize his contributions and accomplishments and to vote for Mark West. He has supported our community for years and I hope you will support his campaign to continue as a Council Member for the City of Imperial Beach. He has my support.

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