Dear Fellow Imperial Beach Resident,

This year, we have had to endure a deadly virus, outside agencies trying to force high density high rises into our City, and the most polluted beaches in our community’s entire history. However, I am writing you about a situation that stinks worse than cross-border sewage. Imperial Beach is now being flooded by massive amounts of out of town political “Dark money” to buy this election and deprive us of our right to have representative government here in our City. I personally was shocked that Councilman West has accepted 85% of his contributions from out of town sources, but now I see that in the 4th Council District, Mr. Gonzalez has received 98% of his campaign funds from outside special interests. This is so outrageous that I cannot stand by and not speak out for my hometown.

Mr. Gonzalez has never voted in our City before but has received over $100,000 of out of town “Dark Money.” Ninety-eight percent of his support is from out of our City. How can we expect him to represent the citizens of our town, let alone the 6,000+ people of the new 4th District? Imperial Beach has been targeted by outside special interest groups as easy prey because we are a working-class community without large amounts of resources to defend our rights, and because we are the only City in the entire southern part of San Diego County that has not made this type of political scam illegal. Our City has struggled to preserve our right to local control of our quality of life and to keep more high-density development out of our neighborhoods.

Will Nimmo is the only candidate in District 4 who knows how Imperial Beach has had to struggle to protect our small-town quality of life. He is a fourth generation local. He has proven he will represent you, the local citizen, and stop this Dark Money scam by fighting for true campaign financing laws and opposing high-density high rises being forced on our little City.

Please vote for someone who has been our neighbor in the past and will be in the future. Please support Will Nimmo for our new Imperial Beach City Councilman! 

Again, please vote for Will Nimmo

Stay safe and keep well.

Your neighbor

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