A year from now, as we look in the rear view mirror, what will we see?

I would hope that we would be able to say that “we were proud of ourselves, and that we did a good job protecting our health, but perhaps at a cost of the future economy.” There is an undeniable relationship between the two.

It will be deemed a success, no matter economic repercussions, if the number who become sick or who unfortunately die, is declared a reasonable number.

The logic, which is hard to argue, is that this is necessary to preserve lives. Like an out-of-control express train, it appears impossible to stop. The situation has made an indefensible question to ask, “Is this the best response?”

At a point, informed choice may assume the mantle. Businesses could reopen under reasonable rules to protect the pubic as we learn to be more careful of health and respectful of each other.

Life will return.

Will we be proud, or will we second guess ourselves?

In Imperial Beach there is a lot to be proud of including our local hospital, our emergency responders who toil regardless of personal exposure, City workers who daily provide needed support, generous residents who invest in local restaurants buying food to go, and the respect we show each other to voice our opinions.

I am pleased to work with some great employees at the Eagle & Times, who continue to produce and improve our products that inform residents of vital information during the coronavirus epidemic. We have been networking with the City , our school system, and civic groups to develop news that advises and notifies about local developments. The Imperial Beach Chamber has been updating small business information for residents.

We are blessed to be supported by incredible advertisers who participate in our products while simultaneously investing in this community. Without them our essential business would not be able to provide necessary details to residents.

IB residents have been through a great deal with past recessions, major health impacts, and worldwide conflicts. The result in all cases is that we have endured and succeeded.

Send us your positive messages and we will print them for all to read.

We will get through this.

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