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Leftward Lurch A Losing Strategy

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Posted: Friday, August 9, 2019 10:09 am

What the Democrat debaters lack in realism they are making up for in entertainment value. You have to be amused by the cranky, old socialist from Vermont who seems to be perpetually mad at everyone. You just have to feel sympathy for poor old Joe who keeps apologizing for almost everything he’s ever said or done, but still gets scolded by the other candidates, especially by California’s freshman senator, Kamala Harris, who gained national attention by disrupting the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings and scolding him, too.

Mr. Biden spoke of getting along, even with one-time segregationist senators, in order to get important legislation done and having been critical of forced school busing. She was, she said, deeply hurt by his words. “I was that little girl on the school bus,” she whined. That’s really rich. Her parents were university faculty members with doctoral degrees. She was not just a poor little black girl on a bus. Her parents probably could have afforded to send her to school in a chauffeured limousine. She is also something of a hypocrite, having served as a rather tenacious prosecutor as the Golden State’s attorney-general.

It now seems certain that President Donald Trump will face not just another big-government liberal in 2020, but a far-left liberal, if not a declared socialist. That’s, what has become of the once-proud Democrat Party. The (relatively) moderate liberals among the two dozen or so still competing for the nomination have all lurched to the left or will shortly drop out. They are even criticizing Barack Obama, the most liberal president since Jimmy Carter, for having been too moderate. This is a prescription for losing, which is certainly OK with me. They might even manage to lose the black vote if they keep up the criticism of Obama.

Just look at what they are promising to do. The senior socialist, Sen. Bernie Sanders, and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who no longer claims to be a native American, want to convert our highly successful market economy to a socialist economy, inspired, no doubt, by the success of such states as Cuba and Venezuela. Sanders wants Medicare for all and is joined by Sens. Cory Booker, Kirsten Gillibrand, Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren. They would ban private healthcare insurance altogether except perhaps for supplemental coverage, so if you like your current health insurance, forget about it, unless it’s government provided. The federal government, which can barely manage the postal service and VA, would now attempt to manage the healthcare industry, a huge part of the economy.

The Green New Deal would end the use of fossil fuel in ten years, which, if it were even possible, would incur enormous costs, for example, to retrofit nearly every building in the nation. If you think power outages are a problem now, just wait. Who’s up for a flight on a wind or solar-powered airplane? I’m sure China and India, the world’s leading polluters, and all the emerging nations will join us in this suicidal plan. This idiocy is supported by Booker, Gillibrand, Harris, Sanders, Warren and Sen. Amy Klobucher. The Russians must be working frantically to find a way to help one of them win the nomination and defeat Trump. Just think; they would have a leftist U.S. president to deal with who could manage to shut down our power grid with no help at all from Russian hackers.

Pete Buttigieg, mayor of a small mid-western city known mainly for being home to the campus of the University of Notre Dame, wants to abolish the electoral college and make the District of Columbia a state. I’ve been in traffic jams larger than the District of Columbia and besides, he would first have to get the Constitution changed. Don’t expect any but a few Democrat-controlled states to ever agree to this. That’s not what the states agreed to when they joined the union in the first place. We are a union of states, not people. States elect the president, not just the most populous metropolises. And speaking of Democrat-controlled states, they contain many Democrat-controlled cities, many, like Baltimore, crime and drug infested. But to call attention to this, as Trump recently did, is to be branded a racist. Most of the Democrat candidates have played the race card, not even as a last resort, but as a first line of attack. I believe voters are tired of this. Criticism of crime, drugs and urban neglect is racist only in the minds of those inept officials in charge of these cities who failed utterly to help those suffering from these conditions and who have no other excuse for their failures. Of all the candidates, Warren probably holds the record for playing the race card, accusing the president of environmental racism, economic racism, criminal justice racism and healthcare racism, all in a single debate.

And while on the subject of racism, nine of the candidates support reparations. That would be taking money from people, most of whom had nothing to do with slavery or discrimination and whose ancestors themselves might have been victims of discrimination. Try selling that to voters. In fact, try selling any of this madness to the 63,000 million or so voters who elected Donald Trump because they were tired of ever more intrusive government running their lives and political candidates making promises without a clue regarding how to deliver on them without destroying the greatest economy in the world.

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