I would like to comment on Tim Keetons letter published in last week’s Eagle & Times, ”C4CC Examines Possible Ballot Harvesting In Imperial Beach Elections.”

Mr. Keeton mentions that the “unseemly” practice of ballot harvesting “could be done by anyone, even someone showing up at your door asking for your ballot.”

Tim Keeton goes on to say that his group, the C4CC has received reports of “out side groups” and people offering gift cards coming to IB and “harvesting ballots.”

I feel a little clarification is in order here. According to the California Secretary of State office, any ballot that is picked up and delivered must have the name and address of the person who is handing their ballot to another person to deliver, full contact information (name address and phone number) of the person picking up that same ballot to deliver to Registrar or polling place. Ballots will not be accepted without this contact info.

Did the people handing out gift cards in exchange for IB ballots provide all their contact information? Was each ballot envelope signed by the person handing it over?

Ballot Harvesting is a vague sounding term leading to a lot of misunderstanding. We Americans have recently witnessed our nations democracy shaken by such a “misunderstanding.” The unsettling fact that so many Americans were quick to believe, at mere suggestion, that our nation’s Secretaries of States, Registrar of Voters , elections officials, and poll workers were not capable of running fair and honest elections. The Jan. 6, 2021 Invasion of our Nations Capitol would not have occurred had not so many people been quick to believe the suggestion that our Presidential election was mismanaged. and fraudulent. Five people died because of this assumption.

We need to think about that.

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