Now I would like everyone to take a deep breath for a minute and really contemplate global warming.

Seems today everyone wants to run off half cocked with every kind of crazy and/or even some sensible, sound ways to solve the problem.

What we should really be doing is accepting the fact that it may happen and there is nothing that we can logically do to solve the problem without destroying what we have achieved in our standard of living. No one seems to stop to think of what we will have to give up to make some of these feeble attempts work and I contend, with little or no results. So, more wisely I suggest we should put effort into preparing for the change in our climate; deal with it as best we can and work towards solutions that are constructive in regards to existing with a different climate.

If you take a “doomsday attitude” and say the climate change will destroy us, then why bother doing anything? If you extrapolate on your possibilities of stopping global warming, you’ll realize there’s virtually nothing you can do. I agree that it’s natural to say that you have to do something, that you just can’t stand by and watch the world end, but that is a false dichotomy.

Let me offer a simple analogy: Suppose we were aware that there was a tidal wave coming and it was going to be 100 feet high and sure to wipe us out. We are standing on the beach and we know we have some time to prepare. We wouldn’t waste that time trying to figure out how to stop the tidal wave; we would logically move to higher ground.

Unfortunately what I’ve seen so far politically, is ill advised politicians using punitive measures to force people to make sacrifices in their well-being for the false hope that they might turn the tide. There doesn’t seem to be any really intelligent conversation on the subject, just a bunch of people screaming like Chicken Little, “The sky is falling.” We have to stop scaring the crap out of our kids. Foolishly, the educational system constantly harps on global warming from kindergarten to college. It is not healthy to establish fears in our children. Life is a risk: something can happen to anyone at any moment. You can’t live with those fears.

So, let’s take a deep breath, accept that we can’t stop global warming and logically figure out what we should do to be working with the climate change before we talk ourselves into another historical “Dark Age.”

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