Tuesday. June 22, 2021 : our community has reacted in shock and outrage over the recent Coronado Saturday night tortilla toss. How could this happen?

Just a few weeks previously on Sunday, June 7, 2021, there were individuals tossing eggs at protesters. While the Coronado tortilla toss was interrupted without violence, the Imperial Beach egg toss culminated in a red T-shirt wearing counter protester punching and knocking down a local businessman who was promoting police reform. 

Of course we are shocked that this early summer national wave of violence has come into our peaceful Southbay communities. How can this happen.? Why is our nation in the grip of anger and fear? Could it be that people are allowing their emotions to be stimulated by snap judgements, based more on imagination than reality?

Fear feeds on our imagination. Some seem to feel that a BLM banner represents violence looting and burning. They are ready to take a “patriotic stand” against this imaginary presumption.

There are many folks who see our San Ysidro International Border and our Tijuana neighbor as a place of fear, a threat to our well being and safety. Biden is blamed for mindlessly opening the border and Kamala Harris is blamed for ignoring her duty as Biden appointee to “fix” the border. In reality the San Ysidro International border is the largest in the Western Hemisphere and the busiest in the world. As a border community we prosper from billions of annual trade and business between two nations. According to Smart Border Coalition $2.1 million in commerce pass our San Ysidro border daily. Our San Diego businesses employ thousands of workers, both Mexican and American, who cross this border daily. Tens of thousands of Americans head south to Tijuana and Baja to visit and to retire. Our border is our community, not something to be perceived as a dangerous threat to our nation, with Kamala Harris to blame!

Everyone is so justifiably upset to see racism and hate find its way into our usually peaceful Southbay communities. Our real threat is our imagination fueled by emotions and ignorance. A great leader once said...” the only thing to fear is fear itself.”

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