In looking forward to the prospect of having a new revenue generating initiative (1% Sales Tax) on the November ballot, the City’s residents need to be reassured that this new revenue source will absolutely be 100% earmarked for City operations and services to benefit all residents – and not diverted for use in lawsuits, specialty consultants, or individual Council members’ personal pet projects or pompous campaign promises. 

It is the fiduciary responsibility of this City Council and the City Manager to guarantee that all future tax dollars generated from this local ballot initiatives are put to use in support of the residents top priorities as identified in the City’s most recent surveys and “Join the Conversation” feedback sessions.

Imperial Beach residents have made it very clear that the City must ensure that we continue to be prepared for any medical and/or catastrophic emergency with effective, adequate 911 emergency response and healthcare capacity. These achievable goals must also include:

Maintaining effective 911 emergency response capacity

Maintaining effective local paramedic service capacity

Coordinating with County and Regional first responders to secure resources for health services to prepare for medical emergencies like the COVID-19 pandemic

Maintaining rapid response to burglaries and other neighborhood-endangering crime

Restoring the City’s long-term emergency funding that is currently being consumed to address the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic

Keeping neighborhoods safe and clean with consistent and effective patrols, lighting and community engagement.

During the special July 29 City Council meeting, I respectfully requested that each Council member and the Mayor pledge to safeguard the public’s trust, its resources and maintain the highest ethical intentions of their public oath of Office. The Citizens of Imperial Beach will be watching to ensure these agreements are maintained or we will seek to have the tax repealed and offending Council members removed.


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