A true patriot will exercise constitutional rights for themselves, and will die defending them for others. Patriots express first amendment peacefully and still hold the line against tyranny. A patriot knows how and when to speak out against injustices, wherever they occur, whoever the culprit.

Whenever I see a march of an organization that flies the banner that represents violence, looting and burning of private property, engaging in acts of violence while clashing with law enforcement, is not demonstrating patriotism. They are pushing an agenda that is not consistent with the representation of what is best for a healthy environment in the community. The BLM banner was flown this last week at Veterans Park and at Portwood Pier Plaza in Imperial Beach. It turned violent at the latter.

While I decided to bring a patriot presence to the Pier Plaza opposite BLM, I was immediately bumped into intentionally by one of their numbers, called a nasty name, yet exercised utmost restraint and was an example of “peaceful protest.” I was accused by the speaker of “flying the flag under the guise of racism.”

I carry a C.D.I.B. card from a federally recognized Indian tribe and am a member by blood of the Choctaw nation of Oklahoma. I am also Cherokee and Scot-Irish, a mix of races by very definition. I have ancestors that were force marched by President Andrew Jackson out of Mississippi and died on a trek known as the “Trail of Tears.” I am a 10 year veteran of the California Army National Guard and seriously take issue with being called racist by anyone, especially by the speaker and especially by the speaker and even Mayor Dedina, himself, when he referred to the white community of Imperial Beach as “racist,” and those who advocate a banner that has caused nothing but division and chaos in this country.

In Imperial Beach, California, or anywhere else tyranny rears its ugly head, I will die “holding the line.”

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