The time for resolutions is over. The time for action is past due if we are to change the direction the nation is heading. The elections are over and the priorities for Congress and the Executive Branch are clear. They are (1) ending the chaos at our southern border by whatever it takes, (2) dealing with COVID, (3) controlling inflation, (4) fighting crime and violence more effectively, (5) countering Chinese aggression and (6) ending Putin’s war in Ukraine.

The chaos at our southern border is an international embarrassment. Overwhelmed border communities and large cities like El Paso are unable to deal with the flood of people, drugs and COVID-infected people, including probable security risks, crossing our porous border daily. This is a major failure of the federal government. Busloads of unvetted migrants are being shipped to interior cities and dropped off at bus depots because there is no room for them at the shelters. How ironic as we celebrate the birth of Christ in a manger because there was no room for the Holy Family in the inn.

In its haste to undo everything that Donald Trump had done to slow illegal immigration and without a plan for dealing with the predictable human flood of border crossers that followed, the Biden Administration caused this crisis. Title 42 of the U.S. Code has temporarily stemmed the tide but will not solve the problem. The administration blames Republicans in Congress for failing to back immigration and asylum reform legislation but border security demands Executive Branch leadership. The integrity of our borders must be established by action, not legislative debate, before immigration and asylum reform can be debated and legislation crafted by Congress. That leadership is absent in the Biden/Harris Administration and it is putting American citizens in danger. In order to make it clear to the world’s huddled masses, and prevent dangerous and expensive attempts to migrate illegally, that America’s borders are not open to all, the southern border needs to be militarized like the borders of many other sovereign nations.

COVID-19 originated in the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and spread throughout the world before the PRC imposed effective controls on travel. After two years of draconian shutdown policies, during which it declined to use American and other western-developed medicines because it falsely claimed that their own were superior, China’s Communist government yielded to public street protests and abruptly relaxed restrictions, resulting in widespread infections, many of which may be variants. The clueless Biden Administration imposed travel restrictions but not before hundreds of thousands were allowed to travel, likely spreading COVID variants around the world.

Inflation is reducing the American standard of living, costing jobs and increasing homelessness. The war in Ukraine, plus associated supply problems and food and fuel shortages, are direct results. Another cause is the administration’s senseless and futile war on fossil fuels. We are experiencing a harsh winter with fuel costs, especially for clean liquid natural gas, at record levels. Heavy demands on the over-stressed electrical grid systems are risking rolling blackouts with most of the heating season still to go. Heating by electricity is expensive as consumers are discovering. Fossil fuels are still required to produce electricity, driving up their cost. More people die from freezing than from heat and people at risk of freezing don’t care much about climate control causes. Perhaps the Biden Administration should consult experts in cold climate countries, instead of climate czar John Kerry, on how they manage to survive and prosper in cold climates. They’ll find the answer is not dependance on windmills or solar panels.

Crime and violence, mostly in Democrat-controlled cities, continues unabated. The reasons remain clear enough: demonizing, reducing and re-purposing police departments and prosecutors who decline to prosecute violent criminals. So are the solutions. Elect mayors and prosecutors who will put the rights of the victims ahead of those who victimize them and restore respect for the law and those brave persons who enforce it.

China has growing problems of its own, largely of its own making and especially as it emerges from a lengthy period of COVID-related lockdowns. It remains, however, determined to annex Taiwan and surpass us as the world’s largest economy and super-power. Their pilots are becoming increasing aggressive and reckless in their encounters with allied forces in the South China Sea which they regard as theirs. They may not manage to surpass us as the world’s largest economy but they are on track to surpass us militarily, at least as measured by size. The solution will be expensive and unpopular with many Americans but it will be necessary unless we wish to cede the role to the Communist Party of China which rules the PRC. We must Increase by half again the size of our navy and air force and it may already be too late to fully restore the industrial capacity to do so.

Finally, the war in Ukraine, which Europe and America are funding, has no end in sight. The toll is heavy and reconstruction will be expensive. This war cannot be allowed to go on indefinitely and a solution must be negotiated that will end the bloodshed and destruction. The United Nations continues to demonstrate its inability to broker such negotiations.

Vol. 39, No. 1 - Thursday, Jan. 5, 2023

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