On Saturday September 3, 2022 I was just leaving Southland Plaza and driving toward Palm on Saturn Blvd. Suddenly I noticed a tiny kitten in front of my car. I had to look twice, it was grey, the same color as the concrete. I stopped my car… held out a hand to traffic and a lady in another car spotted the kitten, its leg was badly injured. We gently placed the bleeding injured kitten in a cloth bag I happened to have. I pulled into the corner gas station and after a moment of being unsure who to call or what to do… I called the San Diego Humane Society Emergency number. They immediately answered and asked if I could bring the kitten to their Gaines Street facility. I said ‘yes’ and after a 30 minute drive I arrived at the San Diego facility and they took the kitten. I’m sharing this experience with readers for two reasons… one, to express how upsetting such a situation can be… particularly in this case where someone had obviously dumped a tiny helpless kitten into the middle of a busy street. And two, to share the valuable information we need to deal with such an emergency. Imperial Beach Sheriff’s Office told me that any situation in progress such as an abuse situation or an actively attacking or biting dog is a 911 call. All other situations, such as an injured animal, can be handled with a call to the San Diego Humane Society emergency number. 619-299-7012 and press #1. The line is open 24 hrs. They will also come and pick up the animal. In my case I chose to drive it there, it was faster and it was just a tiny kitten. We must be careful approaching a larger injured animal… such as a dog or wildlife. Thank goodness for the San Diego Humane Society quick response. It’s good to know they are ready to help with animal emergencies in our county. Unincorporated areas must call County Department of Animal Services.

Thank you

Vol. 38, No. 36 - Thursday, Sept. 8, 2022

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