Dear South Bay Community,

Our campuses reopened on Monday, March 12 to TK-Grade 8 students identified in Phase One of the District’s Recovery/Reopening Plan. All sites welcomed small cohorts of students identified as high need under Senate Bill 86. The Emory Academy of Global Leadership and Empowerment is not open due to extensive, ongoing modernization and construction; however Emory students are attending classes at Mendoza School.

Senate Bill 86, known as the Safe and Open Schools Plan, prioritizes student groups including homeless/foster youth, chronically absent/disengaged, English learners, at-risk youth, Special Education, and those lacking Internet access. Families in these categories received invitations prior to Spring Break and confirmed student attendance.

In partnership with Extended Learning staff and the Boys & Girls Club, students are being provided an onsite learning experience to support and provide greater access to Distance Learning. Campuses will be open four days per week for four hours per day. All safety precautions are in effect, including physical distancing, cleaning/disinfection, mandatory face coverings, etc.

We were excited to begin the reopening process by supporting our students with the greatest need and are looking forward to the start of in-person instruction for all students on July 26.

We know there has been some questions in our community about how (hybrid or fully in-person) the District will reopen on July 26. While our Board has not yet made this decision, we anticipate them doing so at their meeting on May 27. We understand that waiting for Board direction may be disappointing to some, there is a benefit to waiting until the Governor and legislature reach a decision about what will be mandated at the state level.

I cannot thank our students, families, staff, and community enough for their patience, flexibility, and support throughout the past year.

Warm regards,

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El topo

This is such a shameful response that it's hard to know where to begin. It is a tragic display of the lack of leadership and incompetency infecting south bay . The superintendents response is so incoherent and disjointed that it's hard no where to begin. To suggest that the prioritization of students who are chronically absent/disengaged is a sign of progress sends a message to all those kids and families that are always showing up, studying hard and making the commitment to succeed to please stop wasting your time. You see the superintendents twisted logic is based on the cult of victimology that hates the success of others. And yet absolute silence from south bay residence. Our silence is destroying the lives of the kids that are studying hard, doing homework and planning for the future. Your silence is telling them we we don't care. You see our politicians will ensure you secure a mimum wage job right here in South Bay because we don't value success. To the superintendent, Please resign.

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