I endorse Imperial Beach City Council Member Mark West for his second term as a Council Member for the City of Imperial Beach. I wanted to say that first, because it is crucial that we keep him in office. I’ve never written a letter to the editor, this is important to me, important to our great city.

I met Mark West about four years ago when he was overwhelmingly voted in by the citizens of Imperial Beach. My first impressions, something I rely on, like most, was that he was energetic, friendly, intelligent, and down to earth. To be honest, those characteristics still stand to this day. Working with Mark West these past four years has been a pleasure. I don’t know how he has another job with the amount of work that he puts into being a council member. Being a council member is a part-time job with full-time responsibilities. Mark is one of the hardest workers I know, he volunteers for so many committees that I can’t keep track, all for Imperial Beach.

Mark West has expertise working with small businesses, he has done everything in his power to work with them so they stay open during these tough times. His background with the military is also a plus, he worked his way up in the Navy, making a career of it, serving our country proudly. Imperial Beach is a Navy/military town, we need his expertise and endless support to all service members, be it active duty or retired.

In addition to the above, he has a vast knowledge on water quality issues, fighting that uphill battle with the rest of us.

Most important about Mark West, is that he listens to the public and is passionate for our city. When I look at Mark West, I only see a person that is his own man, he stands his ground, something I appreciate and honor. To end this, I encourage you to weigh his contributions and accomplishments and to make your decision to vote for Mark West. I have no doubt that he will continue to work hard for the citizens of Imperial Beach. He has my vote.

Thank you

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