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Dog Fight For Our Lives

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Posted: Friday, May 31, 2019 11:52 am

Dear President Trump,

We, the citizens of South San Diego County, California, are in the dog fight for our lives in a raw sewage, toxic chemical contamination and trash onslaught, unabated for decades, from the country of Mexico into the United States of America. These transboundary flows have severely impacted our way of life in all communities along the border where the Tijuana River flows into the United States and continues westward to the Pacific Ocean. The environment is seriously impaired and if immediate and swift action is not taken, we will surely lose the struggle to maintain any semblance of an acceptable lifestyle. We know that Congressman Juan Vargas has told you that you are not welcome in California and we are here to tell you, he is a liar, Mr. President! In fact, we have become alienated and are now so totally disenfranchised with elected officials and agencies in the region, that we have lost all confidence in them, as how can they represent us to you when they claim you are not welcome in our state? The reality is, they don’t…period!

The local NGO’s who make their living off of grant funding only serve their own special interests, and do not engage the major stakeholders, that is the very people they “claim” they represent. Some of them actually hold positions at local levels of government. When questioned as to why they have not engaged us, their response is, “We have engaged ‘selected’ stakeholders.” They hold closed door meetings in which we have no voice and they insist on attending the meetings in which we present our case, in order to cloud the picture of what their true agenda is!

These NGO’s continue to pour millions of dollars into Mexico, thus rewarding them for dumping on us and do not listen for our pleas to spend the money here to help us. They engage the Mexican president but not the President of the United States. Therefore, we hereby send this urgent S.O.S. to you, Mr. President, to come to California, walk the border with us and allow us to be of maximum service to you, in assisting you to be our champion in this crisis, and render your legacy as an advocate for the people of the United States and the environment in which we live, as the crowning achievement that would fit well with all we have and, together, can continue to accomplish!

Thank you, Mr. President!


The People of the 51st Congressional District

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