Two of practically the only decent Republicans left in the Grand Ole Party, Liz Cheney and Mitt Romney, are being ostracized by Trump’s cronies because they dared to speak out against his mob-like, tribal mentality, the results of which were clearly evident as radical extremists, the base of Trump’s cult, stormed the Capitol in an attempted coup spurred on by a claim perpetuated by Trump himself, that he somehow won the election against Biden, which was unequivocally a false premise, and if Vice President Pence didn’t refuse to recognize Biden as President of “their” United States, then basically, he should be hung, along with whatever dissenting senators they could get their hands on.

How can anybody, after such an egregious abuse of power and hellish course of events, remain loyal to this totalitarian? If I were a Republican, which I was at one point, during prouder times, I would either leave the party and go Independent and rogue or try to persuade some of the party members to abandon and stifle Mr. Trump, move a bit more towards centrist Republican values and advance some decent candidates. Until this happens, I, for one, will never again vote Republican.

When I think about it, though, the Party will never get rid of the likes of Cruz, Hawley, McConnell, Jordon, McCarthy, and Graham, to name a few, who undoubtedly signed a loyalty oath to their leader and have been irreversibly brainwashed by his rhetoric.

Unfortunately for the GOP, this might lead to a Republican “death spiral” and complete domination by the Democrats for, what I see to be, possibly the next 40 years.

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