Jan.6, 2021. This was no doubt one of Americans darkest days. So many Americans would like to forget about it … move on … or look the other way. Many have been quick to point out that our nation has also endured riots, mass shootings

The Jan. 6, 2021 invasion of our nations Capitol was more than just a violent crime. It was an Insurrection. The Oxford Language dictionary defines Insurrection as a ‘“violent uprising against an authority or government.” America watched a violent mob invade our Capitol and attempt to stop the counting of votes. Imagine if an angry group of citizens-stormed our cities municipal buildings the same way? We are witnessing a deadly cocktail of anger and frustration, fueled by hate and fear erupt in America and threaten our democracy.

America was a nation built on courage. Maybe it’s time we as citizens found the courage to face Jan 6, 2021 as a symptom of what is happening in our nation. What is the root of this violence and aggression? We cannot afford to look the other way.

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