Members of the Imperial Beach Council and Citizens of Imperial Beach,

I am personally offended by the comments made by members of this council about the Chamber of Commerce. I know others on the Chamber Board of Directors feel the same. 

Also, I find it ironic that you insist Sweetwater School district pays for services that the city has rendered, yet you are not considering the prior services that the Chamber of Commerce has done on behalf of the BID, meeting the same requirements. And in actuality, your body in previous sessions has already approved the payment of the $45,000 due to the Chamber for services to the BID. 

The Chamber numerous times has been called out for ‘not being present’ during meetings when I, for one, have been either seated in the audience or now that physical participation is not permitted, are ‘on the call.’ This is a new way of working, and our council has to respect that without prior notification, we are not able to ‘be on the call’ to answer questions that have been answered years prior.

As someone who has sat, and done a pre-audit checklist for the BID, has sat in the meetings where the costs of the BID are categorized with a fine-tooth comb, and insisted for greater transparency on behalf of the members of the BID - while not being one myself; I feel you - as a non-participating body - have no room to debate the merits.

Over the past years, the last City Council liaison to actually participate in a meeting of the Chamber of Commerce was Lorie Bragg. This is excluding the photo ops, and hand waving opportunities that the Chamber provides on behalf of all the members. Actual working meetings, where you would find out that the monies that were stolen from the Chamber have almost been fully recovered. Meetings, where we balance the costs to benefits of each event to get the most for our members, are debated. 

This is where the Council has taken no position, no voice, not been ‘on the call.’ You have not seen the inner workings, the costs, the hours of time donated by members and our board.

Now, when we are at the 11th hour and negotiations have been made in full faith and credit, you are reneging on the prior approved monies. 

At this point, the Chamber is due the $45,000 and I insist that you approve payment in full.


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