Catherine “Irene” Cowan Tomjack

Catherine “Irene” Cowan Tomjack was born in England in 1936, right before World War II, and peacefully passed away three months before her 80th birthday.

She endured the horrors of the London Blitz before her parents sent the five siblings to the country and to safety. She came to America as a young woman and chose to work with children after a hysterectomy which left her without the possibility of bearing her own children.

After marrying “Tom” Tomjack, Irene worked in child care centers, and then started caring for children and families, which gave her the flexibility to travel and move around as Tom was reassigned in the U.S. Navy, and later in the Merchant Marines. As a result, many young children were raised with abundant love, good manners, and a great start on their education under her tutelage.

Irene traveled the world and lived in many countries. She always adopted a stray cat.

Irene was a fierce friend, animal (cat) lover, was unapologetic about her obsession for cleanliness, a party animal, a loving nanny, and a parent’s joy!

She will be missed by all who cared deeply about her and those who claimed her as “family.”