City Council Candidate Jen Crumley - Dist. 1

Imperial Beach City Council Candidate Question #1:

This week is your introductory piece … your “elevator pitch” if you will … “Why did you decide to run for the Imperial Beach City Council, and what do you offer that sets you apart from the other candidates?”

Hello, I’m Jen Crumley running for IB City Council for District 1.

I am not a Politician. Politics are so personal and running for City Council has given me the motivation and inspiration to put myself out there. My Mother is from the Philippines and my father is Chinese American born in NY. He retired from the USAF after 20 years. I lived in San Diego, since 1989. My husband John and I have been married for 17 years. I am the mother have two beautiful daughters. I graduated Summa Cum Laude, receiving my MBA Degree from Ashford University, and I earned my BS Degree in High Technology Management from CSUSM.

In 2019, we risked it all and poured everything we had into an ice cream shop on the IB pier, called Cow-A-Bunga. We closed during covid and struggled. Cow-A-Bunga has been a pillar of the IB community for several years. The teens we employ come from Mar Vista High School and together we serve our community making the world a happier place with ice cream & coffee. My professional work experience has over 25 years in various management positions in IT and Cybersecurity. In addition, teaching has always been a passion and I have taught undergraduate business courses as an Adjunct Professor at Ashford University. Moreover, I sit on the College Advisory Board for Management Information Systems at CSUSM.

My top priorities are:

1) To create more community programs through Parks and Recreation, so our kids can have a safe place to play in IB.

2) Making sure our communities are safe, that means more street lighting and making our neighborhoods pedestrian friendly.

3) Ensuring that the people of IB are not burdened with high rents and house prices. We need to present solutions at the city level, to help IB residents live in IB, and prevent displacement.

Imperial Beach is the city where I choose to raise my family, the city where I’m building my business, and the city I love and want to see thrive. I can’t imagine a better place to be than IB. IB has given me so much, and I want to give back by being a voice for the people of District 1. I love being part of this amazing community and we are so thankful for all the support we have received from all the people in IB.

I juggle many hats, but in the end, it’s about building relationships. Relationships that can influence, impact, change lives and continue on into friendships. This is why I love what I do so much. My background, education and expertise, will prove to be valuable for the City of IB. I will execute across the party lines and get things done for IB. I’m more than just your neighbor. I’m a proven Leader and an Educator and I’m seeking your support. I’m Jen Crumley running for IB City Council District 1. Thank you.

Learn more at:

Vol. 38, No. 40 - Thursday, Oct. 6, 2022

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