City Council Candidate Jen Crumley - Dist. 1

Imperial Beach City Council Candidate Question #5:

“Here’s a blank check … one project, one person, one program … what do you create for the City of Imperial Beach and why?”

When we look at "one" issue, or if we wanted to look at "one" person where there was "one" program, we should look no further than our aging population. We as humans understand that the aging process is inevitable. Our seniors need to be taken care of in Imperial Beach, as they have gained life experience, knowledge, maturity, wisdom and mold the future of younger generations. Our parents, our veterans, ourselves, our friends, or our loved ones may find they need aging services. Programs for memory care adult programming or any sort of comprehensive senior adult programming could have a tremendously positive impact on our community and on the families in our neighborhoods.

In addition, we can expand our programs for seniors that offer educational, artistic, musical or group activities to foster social and community engagement. Activity programs will reduce social isolation that could potentially contribute to added health problems.

Moreover, this could be provided to our community at an affordable cost. When we take care of our aging population locally by providing services that they need, as well as more comprehensive limited care, not only is the community compassionate, but it will simultaneously help us all in the long run. I look forward to representing tomorrow's Imperial Beach.

I'm Jen Crumley running for B City Council D1. Learn more at:

Vol. 38, No. 44 - Thursday, Nov. 3, 2022

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