Imperial Beach is a strong and resourceful community. Residents are volunteering through blood drives, food collection, helping small businesses find the resources they need, and even sewing masks to keep our first responders and medical professionals safe. We are staying socially connected by waving to our neighbors and using our phones and electronic devices to communicate virtually.

We are asking all residents to save lives by complying with the Governor’s stay at home order. Each one of us has a critical role in making sure we prevent others from becoming ill with COVID-19. The more we practice physical distancing and comply with County of San Diego and State of California requirements for staying home and physical distancing, the better our chances of getting through this crisis more quickly. Does that mean you have to stay inside? Absolutely not. We encourage you to get outside in your yard, patios, or balconies and enjoy the fresh air, or take walks in your neighborhood. Go out only for essentials, such as grocery shopping or picking up medications. Be cognizant, stay at least six feet away from others, and use non-contact pickup services when available. Please also make sure that your children are practicing physical distancing too. Everyone counts!

In order for the City of Imperial Beach to address this crisis, Mayor Dedina established the Mayor’s Task Force on COVID-19. The Task Force includes all City Council members, key city staff, as well as local stakeholders from the medical and public health fields, public safety agencies, business and workforce community, and civic organizations. The Task Force focuses on five key areas with subcommittees, each managed by a member of the City Council. The five key areas include: Public Health; Public Safety; High Risk Populations; Business/Workforce; and Preparation, Recovery and Sustainability (how the City addresses the crisis). If you are interested in serving on a Task Force Subcommittee or volunteering to help those in need, please email,

The City of Imperial Beach is working hard to do our part in keeping our residents safe and healthy through revised methods of services. We have procedures for online permits, with some convenience fees waived for certain transactions. Critical inspections are carried out with physical distancing and new inspection methods used such as; pictures, videos, and contractor certifications.

We have also deemed life/safety and graffiti removal as priorities to keep our residents safe against those that want to take advantage of communities during a time of global crisis. The eyes of our residents are our strongest tool, so if you spot graffiti, please report it immediately to the City’s Graffiti Hotline at 619-210-1644. Please do not post photos of graffiti on social media.

The Sheriff’s Department, Fire Department and Lifeguards remain on duty and will provide the highest level of community protection. Their health and safety are vital to the safety of our community during this challenging time, so if you see them please practice physical distancing. If you need emergency assistance, please let the 911 operator know if you are ill.

The City has created a page on our website ( dedicated to Coronavirus (COVID-19) where residents can find vital information regarding public health, food services, small business assistance, and other available resources. We also keep information updated on the website and social media platforms for activities by the City Council, such as the adoption of a resolution suspending all residential evictions to help those impacted by COVID-19.

It is important that we continue to hear the voices of the community and residents participate in the decisions that shape our future. City Council meetings are available virtually through When you tune in, you will hear the audio version of the teleconference meeting and the decisions your City Council makes. You can submit comments prior to the City Council meeting on the agenda items to, as well as at certain intervals during the live meeting. Continue to stay informed, stay home, practice physical distancing and stay socially connected as we work through this crisis. We will make it through this and recover if we continue to work together as one team. Let’s continue being #IBStrong.

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