Will Nimmo


Why did you decide to run for the City Council and what do you feel you offer the residents of Imperial Beach?

Will Nimmo:

Good Afternoon and thank you for hosting this service both to the candidates and to the people of Imperial Beach!

I am a born and bred Imperial Beachian. I spent my summers at Camp Surf, went to Oneonta, my name is on a brick at Veteran’s Park. But my past in this town is less important than my future.

Now is the moment to bridge my love of IB with my existential desire to serve. 

Having spent the last 12 years in public safety, I know what it means to hold a position of public trust. Money, property, and most importantly lives are affected by decisions made in positions like those. Imperial Beach deserves someone who understands both the solemn responsibility their Council holds, and someone who holds no consideration for a higher public office. I am that candidate.

The issue I have with politics in 2020, and I feel my sentiment is echoed across the country, is the sheer cliff we all stand below which bellows the question to us from the top: 

“I am unity. How do you climb me?” 

The options before us are obvious. Do we let the waves continue to batter us into defeat, or do we climb?

I choose to climb. I choose to reject the division between parties and neighbors. I choose to practice kindness and understanding when I could chose partisan arguments.

I am running not as a Republican or a Democrat, but as an American. This is the way forward.

Speaking practically, I am running to reform our campaign finance laws, take the fight to SANDAG to preserve our small-town feel, and represent the people of IB with honor and integrity. I am thankful to have the opportunity to do so.

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