By way of introduction, my name is Mitchell D. McKay and I am campaigning to represent the residents of Imperial Beach as their District 3 City Council person in the Nov 8, 2022 citywide elections. I recognize this is a diverse district comprised of not only the residential areas east of the beach, but also the Seacoast Drive beachfront homes and condominiums and the adjoining business district to the north – adjacent to our precious Southern California beachfront.

I am campaigning to be your representative on the City Council for the next four years – a City Council that has not always represented the more traditional values and perspectives of all District 3 residents that I have spoken to in the last several months. I hope to bring the Council back to a more balanced and transparent group of City Leaders who are focused on local issues first and foremost. There are many issues before the City’s 27,000+ residents and its leaders, that require a more pragmatic approach without undue influence of national political party narratives or outside regional pressures – this is no more true than in District 3.

My involvement with the City of Imperial Beach and its residents began many years ago – as early as the mid-1970s when I attended and graduated from Mar Vista High School (Class of 1976) and then moved into the City limits in 1985 from the adjacent community of Nestor.

I have owned and lived in several homes over the past 37+ years here in Imperial Beach, raised a family and actively sought out involvement in local civic and charitable organizations – including, but not limited to, IBLL (served on Board of Directors), Paint IB (a Kiwanis-sponsored home improvement program for eligible seniors) and many other local activities (Chili & Jazz Festival, Sandcastle competition, etc.). I have also been a frequent Op-Ed article writer to the Eagle & Times newspaper on local civic and political issues over the last several years.

Some the most critical current local issues include the City’s LCP (Local Coastal Program/Plan) and the recent State AB 5 and its far-reaching implications on local Zoning and Density guidelines. Our small, beach community lifestyle is being continually marginalized by outside forces that we need to fully understand and be prepared to challenge when necessary. I have actively and regularly attended City Council meetings for the last 6+ years (both in-person and via Zoom) and had served on the City’s DRB (Design Review Board) under previous Mayor Diane Rose (2006) and current Imperial Beach mayoral candidate Shirley Nakawatase.

My more recent local involvement has included co-founding a grassroots 501c3 group in 2018 to help bring attention to the outside threats of Managed Retreat by the CCC and the long-standing Transboundary Sewage issues in the TRV. I was appointed to the US IBWC Citizens Forum Board for an extended 3-year term and I was also solicited to actively participate in the CA State Regional Water Quality Board Bioaccumulation Monitoring Group through 2023.

Furthermore, I would like to also see some additional improvements in the City’s Campaign Finance rules (lower maximum contribution limits for individuals and PACs) and take a realistic look at possible Term Limits for elected City officials. Finally, I have been requesting more transparency regarding the City’s finances (e.g., Lawsuit expenditures) and internal processes and procedures that directly affect our residents’ quality of life and the City’s bottom line.

And that is what I am all about and why I want to represent the very deserving residents of District 3 in the City of Imperial Beach…I thank you for your continued encouragement and support! I look forward to meeting and talking with local folks during the next 8 months.

Mitchel D. McKay

Facebook Imperial Beach Citizens supporting Mitch McKay for City Council District 3

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