Please give your input before Aug. 21, 2020 by sharing your hopes and dreams for better food in our community by visiting the Food Vision 2030 - Imperial Beach Community Page. Imperial Beach is one of 12 communities in the county selected to engage residents, businesses and organizations in creating a vision and a 10-year strategic plan for a healthier, more sustainable and just food system for all. Let’s make sure that Imperial Beach voices are heard!

At the Food Vision 2030 - Imperial Beach Community Page you can share your ideas on virtual post-it walls and complete a brief survey about issues that are important to you. Our goal is to have at least 1,000 people complete the survey by the August 21 deadline. Participation is important because this information will be used to: address community needs; develop local policies that can impact the entire food system including growing, producing, distributing and selling food; give local organizations valuable information that can be used to seek needed funding.

Also, please spread the word by sharing this opportunity with your networks via email, social media, and newsletters. You can also find flyers and artwork at: The community page, survey and all materials are also available in Spanish.

Let’s make I.B. count! If you have questions, you can email the Imperial Beach Collaborative at, or contact any of the local planning team members below. Thank you!

Local Planning Team:

Karen Clay, I Love to Glean,

John Griffin-Atil, I.B. Neighborhood Center,

Kim Rivero Frink, SunCoast Market Co-op,

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