Shannon Bullock ...

Shannon Bullock is the new Parks and Recreation director for the newly created department.

The city of Imperial Beach has been working for a while to create a Parks and Recreation Department and when it came to hiring a director, someone with a lot of experience was chosen for the job.

Shannon Bullock has worked in recreation for over 20 years and her experience includes recreation, special events, and community services. Bullock has worked for different municipalities including San Diego, Chula Vista, National City, and more recently El Cajon where she was the Parks and Recreation manager overseeing parks, recreation facilities, mobile recreations, social events and was the lead for the quality of life team for the homeless.

Bullock grew up in San Diego and is one of three siblings. Growing up, she enjoyed the outdoors and spent many happy hours playing at parks, going to recreation centers, hiking and camping. She also played a lot of basketball in her youth. Bullock graduated from San Diego State University with a degree in recreation. Lately Bullock has discovered a new interest. She is learning to to fly fish with a women’s group and is planning a camping and fly fishing trip with them.

Bullock is looking forward to working in Imperial Beach and be the lead for a new program. “It is exciting. Not too many people in their career get to start a recreation department from day one…being able to be a part of something new,” she said.

June 21 was her first day on the job for Bullock in Imperial Beach and she is getting to know the city, staff and community. Bullock is looking forward to learn all about the city and what type of programs the residents would like to see offered through the recreation department.

“The city has done a survey. I want to reach out to the community, and do an inventory of what we have. We have to start somewhere - even if on a small scale and provide the outdoor experience,” she said.

Bullock’s previous experience will be a plus for her new job. “Every city is different, but there are some similarities. I’ve learned from so many different cities,” she said.

Bullock has noticed that the pandemic has brought more people outdoors and she hopes to build on that desire to get residents to continue spending time doing activities outside. She hopes to start offering recreation programs before the end of the year, and plans to build on what has been provided in the past and add new classes.

Bullock had the opportunity to meet residents recently when she helped to give out coffee and donuts to parents who dropped off their kids for the Junior Lifeguard program. “Everyone is so happy to a recreation department,” she said.

“I’m excited to be here from day one, to help residents…from youth to people of all ages. It’s a great service we can provide,” she said.

“Imperial Beach is so fortunate to have Shannon Bullock joining our team as the Director of Parks and Recreation,” said City Manager Andy Hall. “Shannon has extensive experience in recreation programs, special events, community outreach and social services. She is the ideal person to build a new recreation program for the city.”

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