IBactive Scavenger Hunt is back this year and it begins Aug. 22 and goes through Sept. 19. This is a fun, family-friendly event for the whole community. This is a two part event. It starts with a scavenger hunt and concludes on Sept. 19 with a community ride.

Join for the first day freebies. Kick off the Scavenger Hunt on Aug. 22 with some swag items. IBactive will be at Rad Power Bikes in the Bikeway Village, 535 Florence Street, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

An Active Transportation Scavenger Hunt is a semi-virtual event for active transportation users to explore their neighborhood and get to know their community. Using the Scavify app to track points and complete tasks, participants will ride, walk, skate, and roll around Imperial Beach visiting points of interest, shops, sharing photos, and completing mini challenges. Residents are invited to set up their own mini-pit stops on their lawn.

The more tasks you complete, the higher the chances you have of winning prizes. Start playing on August 22nd...you have a month to complete as many of the challenges, tasks and quizzes as possible.

To participate, download the scavify app on your smart phone. Search for “IBactive Scavenger Hunt.” The scavenger hunt will be active starting on Aug. 22, so stay tuned! For more information, visit sdbikecoalition.org/event/ibactive-scavenger-hunt-2.

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