More than 30 respected artists from the USA and Mexico have pledged their support and contributed their ocean-inspired artwork to the Keep It Wild Virtual Auction. All proceeds support Wildcoast’s efforts to protect our coast and ocean and address climate change through natural solutions. Co-founded by conservationist and author Serge Dedina, PhD, Wildcoast is based in San Diego and Mexico and has helped to protect and manage 38 million acres of ocean habitat, coastlines, coral reefs, sea turtle nesting beaches, gray whale lagoons, wetlands, islands and more.

Local San Diego artists include Aaron Chang, Marissa Quinn, Stefanie Bales, Zemina Zaferakis, Robin Piper, Mel Patterson and live painter Clare Salisbury Ruf.

Many of the artist ambassadors have returned for a second year including famed realist painter Eric Zener, surrealist painter Merrie Okie, Mexican-American painter Edwin Vasquez, and Tijuana-based painter Silvestre Miranda. The virtual auction runs until Friday, Oct. 22 at 7 p.m.

Wildcoast’s work had a significant impact right here in San Diego County. The team helps manage and protect 545,280 acres of underwater parks called Marine Protected Areas off of the coast of California (there are 11 in San Diego County alone) and have installed radar systems in La Jolla to help stop illegal poaching and fishing. 

Wildcoast’s trash boom in the Tijuana River Valley has prevented more than 30,000 pounds of debris from entering the Pacific Ocean since its installation in January 2021. Wildcoast is also restoring wetlands in San Diego County and engaging and educating youth from park-poor neighborhoods and indigenous communities in marine biology activities and outdoor recreation to create a new generation of ocean ambassadors. 

Wildcoast is also launching its Million Mangroves Mission, brought to life by local San Diego agency 62Above. Co-founded by Indra Gardiner Bowers and Jon Bailey, 62Above generously donated their services to the nonprofit because of their strong belief in its mission.

“Our name, 62Above, reflects the precarious relationship we San Diegans have with the ocean. Being only 62 feet above sea level means we take ocean protection seriously,” said Bowers. “We are proud to support Wildcoast’s bi-national focus on coastal preservation.”

As part of their climate action strategy, Wildcoast has been planting and restoring mangroves in Baja as a natural climate solution. Mangrove forests are blue carbon ecosystems that absorb and store atmospheric carbon and greenhouse gases, an effective solution to the effects of climate change.

Anyone can bid on the artwork and auction items in the Keep It Wild virtual auction from Oct. 14-22. Support Wildcoast and bid here

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