Jack In The Box

The demolition of the Jack in the Box Restaurant at 890 Palm Avenue took place this past week. The Imperial Beach City Council approved plans last October for a larger building with an 11 car drive through lane.

The Jack in the Box building is in the process of being demolished. The new Jack in the Box will have a square footage planned at 1,869 square feet versus the former 1,950. The new building will feature an 11-car drive through lane.

Currently the building can be accessed by two curb cuts - one on Palm Avenue and the other on 9th Street. The new site design has one single driveway and a curb cut on 9th Street.

The building design features a decorative canopy, a stone screen wall, and a paver walkway for pedestrians access. Hours of operations will be similar to the current ones from 6 a.m. to midnight and a 24-hour drive through. The project proposes six parking spaces, with one of them with an ADA accessible stall. Although the project would require a total of 14 parking, spaces, the shopping center Jack in the Box is located in offers parking spaces through a parking agreement.

The height of the building will range from 17 feet to 23 feet, and a floor to ceiling height of 15 feet. The style of the building is modern with brown, gray, and sand beige exterior. A large canopy will front Palm Avenue with two 6-feet eco-mesh panel living green walls and a stone wall to screen the drive though. A total of 2,686 square feet of landscaping is proposed.

Jack in the Box has occupied that location for 50 years. While the rest of the shopping center was redeveloped 20 years ago, the Jack in the Box still had a 20-year lease left. The Jack in the Box owner will invest $1.5 million in the new building to better serve its customers.

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Emma Carron

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