In an effort to protect public health and the safety of our visitors, volunteers, and staff as the state responded to the continued threat of COVID-19, California State Parks temporarily closed the Tijuana Estuary Visitor Center, parking lot, restrooms, trails leading to the visitor center, and Border Field State Park (BFSP).

BFSP is closed to all activities including but not limited to hiking, biking, equestrian activity, and vehicles until further notice. State Parks is monitoring the situation closely and is following guidance provided by the Governor’s Office via the California Department of Public Health, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention , and the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services. 

Trails from 5th and Iris and N. McCoy trail remain open from sunrise to sunset for activities such as walking, hiking, biking, and wildlife viewing. 

For those wishing to take a break in the outdoors, public health officials are advising them to walk, run, hike and bike in their local neighborhoods and walk to parks. Most importantly, the public is being asked not to congregate in the outdoors. Everyone has the responsibility to Flatten the COVID-19 Curve at Parks by maintaining a social distance of 6 feet or more when recreating in the outdoors and staying home if they are sick. If visitors cannot maintain social distancing, they need to leave the park or beach.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause your visit. We thank you for your patience, trust, and continued support. We’d also like to thank our volunteers and staff for their commitment and dedication as public servants through these challenging circumstances. For the most up-to-date information, please check TRNERR’s website.

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