John Fisher


What do you see as the three most important (long term or short term) issues facing the City of Imperial Beach?


First off, I’d like to say thanks to the IB Eagle & Times for allowing the candidates the opportunity to share their viewpoints and answer important questions prior to the November 3rd election.

The three most important issues facing the City of Imperial Beach to me are

1. Public Safety:

We need to be sure funds are available to pay for the Sheriffs contract, the IB Firefighters and Ocean safety personnel. Measure I will help, if passed, but we need to focus on long term ways to bring more money into the general fund. Increasing transient occupancy tax, helping small businesses open and bringing more tourism to the City should be a focus of the City staff and City Council.

2. The SANDAG mandated 1329 housing units that must to be built by 2029:

This is a huge concern for me and those whom I’ve spoken to. I’d like to see us push back against this number as it’s unreasonable and will have a negative effect of the quality of live that residents have enjoyed and the “classic Southern California beach town” vibe Imperial Beach is known for. Large, high density high rises just don’t fit the City and I believe that would be the only way to fit that many new living units in to the City.

3. Imperial Beach’s involvement in helping the EPA to find the best solution to solve the ongoing sewage problems:

The correct plan will need to be chosen to help properly fix the sewage problem. The best plan would focus on reclamation of properly treated water (meeting the standards set by the 1972 Clean Water Act) that would help bring back the natural flow to the Tijuana River Valley. Additionally residents should not longer be footing the bill for consultants or side trips to Mexico. We should focus on working with our local, State, and Federal representatives to keep this as their top priority. I also believe the best plan would not have any conflicts of interest with our Mayor or City Council.

Thanks to all the residents of Imperial Beach who exercise their right to vote. I’ve enjoyed meeting so many of you and I look forward to the opportunity to serve you in the near future.

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