IBactive Scavenger Hunt 2.0 ...

The next IBactive Scavenger Hunt 2.0 will start Sept. 4.

Those who enjoyed the past IBactive Scavenger Hunt in Imperial Beach will be pleased to know a new one is on the horizon. IBactive Scavenger Hunt 2.0 will take place from Sept. 4 through Sept. 21.

The scavenger hunt is done through the San Diego Bicycle Coalition with the intent to get people active not only by riding bikes, but on foot, roller skates and other ways to travel to encourage active transportation as well as a chance to get to know their community. Participants use an app called Scavify to sign up and take part in it.

The past Scavenger Hunt had 271 participants according to Sylvie Froncek, program director at San Diego County Bicycle Coalition. A lot of families participated which really means more than 500 people between adults and kids enjoyed the fun activity that ran from July 3 through 17. Participants had to perform 3,615 tasks which included photos, video challenges and question and answers. Some of the challenges included finding the mural featuring Sponge Bob and taking a selfie photo with it, doing a favorite yoga sequence, and taking a photos outside Yoga With Shawna studio. Froncek explained the scavenger hunt was done as a collaborative effort with 20 to 25 local businesses who came up with the tasks to perform - at the same time highlighting their business. By completing the challenges, participants received points. Those with the most points earned prizes like gift certificates, food prizes and more from local businesses. Another way to win was to sign up for the Love to Ride challenge and names were picked from a drawing.

The scavenger hunt was first held as an alternative to another community event which was planned for June called CycloSDias, cancelled due to the Coronavirus. “I canceled it in March and by mid-May I told Councilman West I have this idea…and in about a month connected with those organizations that would’ve been involved with [CycloSDias,]” recalled Froncek.

One of the challenges involved taking a photo of a decorated favorite mode of transportation. Froncek received not only photos of bikes, but skateboard and shoes - although bikes were the most popular.

“People still call me up and tell me because of the challenge they have taken up to moving more, they said because of the event they got on their bike…it’s really amazing, it’s making difference,” she said.

Froncek has also received inquiries from school teachers who want to engage their students and bring the scavenger hunt into the classroom.

The Scavenger Hunt 2.0 coming up will have a new set of challenges. Those who wish to participate but don’t sign up on Sept. 4 can do so throughout the three weeks.

“The City of Imperial Beach is proud to once again host the extremely popular IBactive 2.0 Scavenger Hunt. This business and community driven event allows residents to walk, ride, skate and roll their way around all of the neighborhoods learning about the interesting items that make our city the best little beach town in Southern California. If you missed the first time, I implore you to join the over 250 members who frantically competed against each other to earn the most points and win great prizes. Let’s do this IB,” said Councilman Mark West.

Businesses and organizations who are interested in participating can register to submit challenges or prizes (which will be purchased by IBactive.) For more information log on www.tinyurl.com/ibactive-scavvy.

The IBactive is made possible by the city of Imperial Beach, SADAG, Love to Ride, Scavify and SDCBC. Other partners include IB Historical Society, IB Arts Bureau, Yoga With Shawna, and Little Ant Art. For more information on the scavenger hunt log on https://sdbikecoalition.org/event/ibactive-scavvy/

Art and free classes, Yoga and fitness passes, gift certificates to your favorite IB restaurants are some of the prizes. To register download the Scavify app, search for IBactive Scavenger Hunt.

In addition, local businesses are asked to dress their windows and the scavenger hunt participants will vote for the best ones as part of a campaign called “Maskup” to encourage residents to mask up. Businesses can decorate their windows even they are not open yet. To register for maskup, log on www.imperialbeachca.gov and click on IB News Center.

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