Mitchell McKay Appointed To Serve on City’s Technical Advisory Committee Regarding TRV Sediment Management Working Plan

Mitchell McKay, long term Imperial Beach resident and current President of Citizens for Coastal Conservancy, a local, grassroots 501c3, has been selected to serve as a public member on the recently formed Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) focusing on the Tijuana River Valley (TRV) Sediment Management Working Plan and Monitoring Program.

The TAC’s intentions are two fold: to develop a sediment management work plan to maximize the local beneficial re-use of sediments in the TRV and to develop a work plan and implement a baseline water quality and sediment monitoring program.

This plan will identify watershed processes and sediment transport processes, sediment sources, receiver areas (e.g., Goat Canyon and Smugglers Canyon) and outline sediment management approaches and pathways for the TRV.

McKay reiterated: “The ultimate goal of this group is to develop an environmentally-sustainable and cost-efficient processes to capture, handle and beneficially re-use the sediment. The TAC will build upon past and current planning efforts to enhance sediment management and develop viable sediment management processes and procedures to meet the multiple operational, regulatory and cost-efficacy objectives. We may even be able find a path to put some sand back on our local beaches as well.”

A minimum of three virtual meetings are planned – with additional subgroup meetings as necessary – within the next 11 months (CY2021). Approximately a dozen members have been selected from various agencies and municipalities including: CA State Parks, City and County of San Diego, US IBWC, US Fish and Wildlife Services, SANDAG, EPA, San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board, Tijuana River Estuary Research Agency, and the CA Coastal Conservancy.

Funding for this City of Imperial Beach sponsored TRV TAC activity comes from CA Proposition 68 which was previously voter approved back in 2018.

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