What better way to celebrate summer than with a scavenger hunt? Explore Imperial Beach California, complete challenges and win prizes.

That was the thought of Imperial Beach Councilmember Mark West and Programs Director Sylvie Froncek of San Deigo County Bike Coalition.

“I’m working with Councilmember Mark West and some local organizations to run a two-week long active transportation scavenger hunt,” said Froncek. “This will be an opportunity to increase business engagement, promote healthy/fun/sustainable transportation options and share community news/information. There will be prizes for participants, that will in turn support local businesses.”

An Active Transportation Scavenger Hunt is a semi-virtual event for active transportation users to explore their neighborhood and get to know their community. Using the Scavify app to track points and complete tasks, participants will ride, walk, skate, and roll around Imperial Beach visiting points of interest, shops, sharing photos, and completing mini challenges.

The more tasks you complete, the higher the chances you have of winning prizes, many from local businesses.

To participate, download the scavify app. The scavenger hunt will start on July 3 and go until July 17. The contestant will have 15 days to complete as many of the challenges, tasks and quizzes as possible.

The purpose of this event is to encourage active transportation use and highlight businesses, art and culture.

Participants must use active transportation to explore the city. Because active transportation allows people to move slowly and parking is not a factor in their access, these people are generally more positive, and they are able to experience, and see more of what the area has to offer.

Products, gift certificates and services purchased from businesses in the area will be awarded as prizes to the scavenger hunt winners. About 1000 people are expected to participate, and will visit the business district regularly during the 15-day event and discover what makes Imperial Beach so special.

Businesses that are interested in participating or donating prizes, or would just would like more information are asked to visit https://sdbikecoalition.org/event/ibactive-scavenger-hunt/.

It is recognized that during this global pandemic of COVID-19 many shops are closed, or struggling to stay open. Businesses will be able to choose their level of engagement.

Participants will be encouraged to abide by CDC guidelines. Tasks and challenges will be designed to be solo with limited person to person interaction.

Cities are safer when more people go with active transportation. This event encourages people reduce their local carbon footprint and live a more healthy life style

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