Mar Vista High Campus Cleanup ...

Mar Vista High School Parent Teacher Association (PTSA) organized a cleanup on Sat. March 6 of the outside of the school campus. The group holds a campus cleanup every Saturday in March from 9 to 11 a.m. From left PTSA Carla Clark, Evie Ramseier, Nadirah R. Bray, Elizabeth McKay and Vania DeFrates.

It’s been a year since students at Mar Vista High School have been at the campus due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But last Saturday, March 6, the baseball team was practicing and parents, students and residents came together to clean the outside of the campus on Imperial Beach Boulevard, between the fence and the sidewalk, which has not received much attention lately.

Thanks to the Mar Vista High School Parent Teacher Association (PTSA) and volunteers, including Imperial Beach Athletic Club, the area was weeded.

Evie Ramseier PTSA “fun” raiser chair said the organization was involved in a cleanup of the campus in 2019 thanks to the Moore Foundation. “We’ve been dismayed at the way the back of the school looks,” she said. “People are frustrated at the way things aren’t moving along. The teams are just getting back to practice…we’ve been wanting to do this for a while. We’re making March a clean up month,” she explained.

Every Saturday in March from 9 to 11 a.m., PTSA members and anyone interested can attend the cleanup - including Mar Vista High students who will receive community service hours. Home Depot on Saturn Boulevard donated garden tools and supplies for the cleanup and many residents were willing to help - including one who dropped off a case of water for the volunteers.

The area outside the fence is where spectators will be allowed to watch the games for now, so the PTSA wants to make sure it’s clean and looking good.

The area the PTSA is cleaning belongs to Sweetwater Union High School district. “We want to encourage them to clean up on their side,” said Ramseier. “We take pride in our city, it’s just like Imperial Beach to show up and help and roll up our sleeves. We knew we’d get support [from the residents] even if their kids don’t go to school here.”

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