What are the facts?

Beginning the week of Aug. 16 - 21, 2021, all registered voters will receive a mail-in ballot. This is a special election like any other election. It therefore becomes important to understand exactly what you are voting for.

To “recall” means to “remove from office” citing specific reasons. The recall required a specific number of signatures to become certified. Earlier this year, the California Secretary of State certified the recall based upon the number of signatures received in support of it and a special election was set for Sept. 14, 2021. This special election will cost California taxpayers $276,000.000 according to the California State Finance Department.

What do I need to know about the special election? 

This will be an election, just like any other election. You will be voting to keep Gov. Newsom in office or to remove him from office. Forty-six candidates running against him will appear on the ballot, none of which must reach a certain threshold to win. Gov. Newsom’s name will not appear on the ballot.

If you wish to vote to keep Gov. Newsom in office you will mark NO to the first question on the ballot. At that point you can follow the instructions to sign your name exactly as it appears on the ballot envelope, date and mail-in your ballot. If you wish to vote to remove Gov. Newsom from office you will mark YES to the first question on the ballot and select the candidate of your choice from the 46 candidates listed and follow the instructions to sign, date, prepare and mail-in your ballot. No postage is necessary.

If the recall fails with 51% or more of NO votes, then Gov. Newsom will remain California’s Governor until his reelection in 2022. If the recall passes with 51% of YES votes then the candidate receiving the highest percentage will be the new person to govern the world’s 5th largest economy.

Do I have to mail-in my ballot?

No. There will be one of several drop-off locations provided by the Registrar, or you can take it directly to the Registrar’s office, at 5600 Overland Avenue, SD. 92123. 

Mail-in ballots MUST be received or postmarked no later than Sept. 14, 2021 so mail-in early.

Poll workers are needed for election day. More information can be found at sdvote.com.

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