Imperial Beach Posse, an award-winning sand-sculpting team, Mayor Pro Tem Aguirre, and community leaders partnered to host a celebration of Day of the Dead in Imperial Beach to honor loved ones who have departed, and lives lost to COVID-19. IB Posse created a sand sculpture which depicts traditional elements found in Day of the Dead altars, such as skulls, candles, roses, Mexican Marigold, and traditional Day of the Dead bread.

“IB Posse is always looking for ways to support our community. We are proud to have been a part of this special celebration honoring the lives and spirit of loved one we’ve lost”-said Leonard Gonzalez, member of IB Posse.

Day of the Dead originated centuries ago with the Aztec, Toltec, and other Nahua people, and is centered on keeping alive the memory and spirit of its community members. This pre-Hispanic belief was later infused with religious elements. “It is important for our community to be able to pause and acknowledge the hundreds of thousands of lives we have lost this year in our community, the victims of COVID, and trail blazing icons such as Ruth Bader Ginsberg and Congressman Lewis”-said Former State Senator and IB resident Denise Moreno Ducheny.

“Dia de los Muertos provides a rich cultural tradition that gives an inclusive space for everyone to honor and celebrate their missed loved ones. This year celebrations such as these are critical for community building and connection”-said Marysol Gomez, member of the planning committee.

The sand sculpture was on display at the IB Pier Plaza 10 Evergreen Ave, Imperial Beach, CA 91932 until sunset of November 3.

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