Through at least the end of March, all City sponsored public gatherings will be postponed or canceled. These cancelations will include all regular City Council, Design Review Board, Parks and Recreation, and Tidelands Advisory Committee meetings. Other public gatherings and gathering spaces such as the Sr. Citizens Center, Farmer’s Market, Small Business Expo, Recreation Center at the Sports Park, Little League and Girl’s Softball games, and similar events will be canceled or postponed. The City is encouraging organizations that engage in public gatherings to carefully consider the risk factors involved and to comply with the Mandatory Order issued by the County.

Four sanitary washing stations have been installed in the City located at 170 Palm, Dunes Park, Bikeway Village, and the bus stop at Palm Avenue and Rainbow Drive. If residents identify additional locations where washing stations are needed, please email the City Manager at

Beginning Monday, March 16, 2020, and at least through the end of the month, City Hall will remain open, but with a scaled back staff and a majority of the employees working remotely. There is every intention for all services to continue at current levels, but please recognize that some delays may occur. Specifically, Building Permits will not be issued on Monday, March 16 and there will be limited Building Department services through the end of March. Other City locations (Fire Department, Public Works, and the Dempsey Safety Center) will also have modified staffing levels but will not be accessible to the public, however there will be no reduction of services.

If you are a Senior Citizen in need of assistance, or if you are aware of a Senior Citizen (or any other resident of the community for that matter) in need of assistance, please contact the City Manager’s Department by calling the Manager’s direct line at 619-423-0314, or by email at

The City of Imperial Beach will work to address all concerns to the extent possible and create connections that can help address the special needs being experienced at this time. Needs may include, but are not limited to:

Food, medication or other daily needs

Medical assistance


Updated Senior Citizen directed information

Other individual needs

Please watch out for each other, stay in touch and exhibit the highest level of citizenship as we face these challenges together. Your elected officials and staff are completely dedicated to your safety and welfare at this time, but we need the assistance of every resident.

Thank you all for everything that we have done to pull together as a community. We will be a stronger community for our efforts.

If you need assistance of any kind or have any questions, please call the appropriate number below:

Imperial Beach Non-Emergency Dispatch: 858-565-5200

San Diego County Health Department: 619-338-2222

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