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Don Pancho’s offers many breakfast dishes that are filing and delicious.

Miss going out for breakfast with your family or friends? We all do. In the meantime to support local businesses and give our families a sense of normalcy, we can order our favorite breakfast and eat it at home. Although some eateries are closed there are still choices around. Deb’s Cookie Jar, Don Pancho’s and Calypso Café are locals’ hang outs that have stayed open for take out and continue to offer their delicious dishes.

Deb’s Cookie Jar is treat haven in Imperial Beach. The new shop located across from the old one on Palm Avenue offers a wide variety of baked items including delicious monkey bread, cookies of course, peanut butter brownies, cheesecake brownies, coffeecakes, and cupcakes.

Why not start your day with mouth watering Monkey Bread or Banana Bread? Monkey Bread has become very popular and Deb’s Cookie Jar owner Deb Berry often runs out of it. Berry uses her grandmother’s recipe and it’s made in individual pieces - just heat it and enjoy. Special orders can be placed for larger celebratory cookies, bananas bread and more.

When Berry changed locations of the shop she was also ahead of the game and was basing her shop’s concept on mostly doing take out orders. Every Monday Berry posts a video on social media describing the items she will bake for the week. For special orders customers can get in touch with her in the morning and the goodies will be ready to pick up the same afternoon. Coffee, soft drinks, apple juice and milk are also available with your choice of treats. Deb’s homemade items can also be ordered through Grub Hub or Uber Eats. Deliveries are available in Imperial Beach with a minimum order of $10. It is recommenced to pre-order your treats ahead of time to make sure they are available.

Calypso Café in the Cays is a popular spot just a few miles away from Imperial Beach. Breakfast was always a busy time for owner Hanan Martha before the coronavirus outbreak. Now it has slowed down, she said. Martha first opened Calypso as a coffee cart, eventually expanding it into a full Mediterranean inspired restaurant. Calypso also sells some grocery items her customers may need.

It truly is a treat to order out, so you can have a relaxing breakfast where you don’t have to do anything. If you have kids they will definitely love the buttermilk pancakes or chocolate chip pancakes at Calypso. If you are looking for light or non egg breakfast try the Lox bagel or just a bagel with cream cheese or an oatmeal bowl.

If you feel like eating a large breakfast try the Huevos Rancheros, two fried eggs on corn tortillas topped with cheese and side of black beans. There are a lot of other choices at Calypso, like the many variety of omelettes like the Garden Scramble, and The Greek made with spinach, tomatoes, kalamata olives, feta served with potatoes and pita bread. Breakfast sandwiches include the Benedict Muffin with a fried egg, steak ham and Hollandaise sauce. The Burrito made with ham, potatoes eggs, house salsa and cheese is another good choice. Order a coffee drink to go with your breakfast.

Don Pancho’s has many choices for breakfast with dishes to chose from that range from burritos to breakfast plates like Huevos Rancheros, Veggie Omelette and Machaca and Eggs and Chilaquiles. Panchos Breakfast Burrito in the breakfast menu is another favorite made with bacon, sausage, ham and cheese and is very filing. More choices include Burritos with Steak and Egg, Bacon and Eggs or Ham and Egg.

Years ago the restaurant didn’t open until 10 a.m. but owner Maria Diaz made the decision to open at 7 a.m. for the breakfast crowd. That has been good move. She added more breakfast dishes to the menu and now there is often a line of people waiting before they open for business.

During this time of uncertainty and waiting, treat yourself - and enjoy the dishes made by your favorite eatery. Call ahead and enjoy the drive followed by your favorite breakfast.

Deb’s Cookie Jar, 668 10th Street. cAll 619-576-3988

Calypso Café, 5050 Grand Caribe 619-423-5144

Don Pancho’s, 690 Hwy 75. Call 619-429-7034

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