Public Works Director Eric Minicilli recapped infrastructure improvements throughout the city during the last city council meeting on Nov. 4.

The largest project for the city was the Imperial Beach Boulevard Enhancement Project completed in the spring. Citrus Avenue was paved from Alabama Street to Rainbow Drive. Touchless improvements due to the coronavirus were made at city hall that benefit both the public and the city employees. This project is in phase 3 and expected to be completed soon. Although not a city project but having an impact on the residents is a water main replacement by Cal-Am Water of a 90 year old cast iron pipe which runs east to west across the city. Resurfacing of the street impacted by the work is planned and crews will also be being striping soon, mostly at night. Minicilli explained that the next phase of this project will run from 13th Street to Delaware Street on to the westbound lanes of SR-75 then continue to Old Palm Avenue from Delaware Street to Third Street. Minicilli said as part of the negotiations, Cal-Am will do slurry sealing, resurfacing and re-striping of the roads impacted.

Next Cal-Am will kick off improvements at 10th Street and Palm Avenue adjacent to their facility with new sidewalks and new parking spaces and resurfacing of the road in the next month.

SDG&E kicked off a project on Palm Avenue with a circuit update project tied to the Navy Coastal Campus to update circuitry. That project also runs on SR-75 eastbound lanes from 13th Street to Rainbow Drive and Old Palm. SDG&E will be required to resurface the road and do striping. The city negotiated a deal to include two dry conduits to allow the completion of the fiber optic conduits that tie in with the Imperial Beach Boulevard project. The conduits will allow the city to make improvements including a smart network for traffic lights. This projects started about three weeks ago and is expected to be finished in early spring. After its completion, the city will coordinate with the Port of San Diego to install the fiber optics in the conduits and power up the traffic operations center. This allows more control of the traffic signals the city acquired from Caltrans during the relinquishment.

SDG&E recently selected Imperial Beach as one of 10 cities for free installation of four electric vehicle charging stations at Sports Park.

More projects include: the upgrade of Reama Park’s facilities through grant funding; pedestrian access ramps through CDBG funds and the city plans to upgrade 20 to 30 a year.

There are 10 remaining alleys left to pave which are mostly dirt or asphalt right now. The city currently has $150,000 left to work with and Minicilli believes the best option is to get the design completed, then when more funds become available to do the project the design is ready. The Skate Park expansion and Community Enhancement Project on Seacoast Drive have been delayed.

The current server infrastructure upgrade was presented to the council. The infrastructure currently used by the city is obsolete, requires maintenance, has potential for loss of data and a poor record retrieval system. In addition, its storage capacity is at 90 percent. The proposed new equipment will double the storage capacity and storage can be increased later by purchasing a swappable expansion shelf if needed. This upgrade will cost the city $171,601.

A Laserfiche Avante Server was also proposed to facilitate record requests and will feature a public weblink portal, with the ability to integrate the city’s existing files. ECS Imaging Inc. will provide the software and will assist and consult on the project. In addition, this is coded to CARES Act in regards to funding. This project will cost $53,153. Gladwell Governmental Services, a conversion consulting service, will assist. A temporary position for records technician will be advertised to prepare the records for inventory, scanning and indexing which among the duties related to the laser fiche upgrade.

After council discussion a motion to approve the upgrades was carried unanimously.

In other business:

Changes to the retirement benefits require a contract amendment with CalPERS, so the city will provide a notice of intent to approve cost sharing for the retirement contract of the Fire Department employees for an additional 2.78 percent. The Fire Department Tier 1 employees currently pay a 3 percent modified rate. This change would increase the rate to 5.78 percent on top of the regular cost share of 9 percent for a total of 14.8 percent and reduce the city’s contribution to CalPERS. The motion was carried unanimously.

The next city council meeting will be held on Nov. 18 at 5 p.m. via livestream. For more information log on

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