A special meeting was held on June 22 to vote to approve the citizen’s initiative withdrawal from the Nov. 3, 2020 ballot.

A notice of intent to circulate a marijuana citizen initiative was received by the city in July 2017. By February of 2018 the city rejected the submission based on the fact that it did not comply with requirements of state law. The initiative proponent then filed a suit against Imperial Beach to force the city to accept the initiative. The San Diego Superior Court upheld the city’s rejection. The proponent appealed to the Court of Appeal. In February 2019 the Court of Appeal reversed the decision of the Superior Court, ruling that the city should accept the initiative for processing. The Registrar of Voters then verified the signatures and sent a letter to the city stating that fact. In September 2019 the city council approved the resolution to submit the initiative to the November 2020 ballot.

The city received a verified initiative withdrawal from proponent Dallin Young on June 16, 2020. The City Clerk issued a certificate of acceptance the next day. The council voted and unanimously approved the removal of the measure from the November ballot.

The City of Imperial Beach passed a resolution allowing one cannabis outlet in the city. The proposed measure, now withdrawn, proposed an expansion to the current regulation and read as follows: “Shall the measure amending marijuana regulations in the City of Imperial Beach to allow cannabis retailers, cannabis consumption lounges, and cannabis manufacturing sites, without size or number restrictions, in mixed use, commercial zones pursuant to conditional use permits and setting regulations for their operations; to allow personal use indoor cultivation of cannabis; and to require a skilled and trained workforce be used for construction and engineering activities for such commercial cannabis operations be adopted?”

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